This identity and access management (IAM) software performs the following for the University of Arizona’s Research Data Repository (ReDATA):

  1. It conducts EDS queries to retrieve classification information (e.g., student, staff, and/or faculty) and association with organization codes (i.e., departments/colleges)

  2. Based on classification information and primary organization association, it sets ismemberof Grouper membership

The Grouper memberships are as follow:

  1. The allowed user quota for upload (in bytes), determined by the user’s classification, is set by Grouper figshare:quota:<value> group

  2. The “research theme/portal”, determined by the user’s organizational affiliation, is set by Grouper figshare:portal:<value> group

For the latter, these portals and their association with University organization code(s) are defined within this CSV file.

Note that access is granted to the service through membership in a Grouper figshare:active group. These memberships are done indirectly based on other Grouper membership set forth by University Library privileges.

This software is based on the existing patron software developed for the University of Arizona Libraries.

An illustration of the service architecture workflow is provided below.