To execute the script and update Grouper and EDS, include the portal, quota, and sync command-line flags:

(admin1) $ ./scripts/script_run --config config/figshare.ini --persistent_path $persist_path --ldap_password $password --grouper_password $password --quota --portal --sync

Note: Without the sync flag, the above command line will perform a “dry run” where both quota and portal queries are conducted. It will indicate what Grouper updates will occur.

By default, changes occur on the figshare stem. Execution can occur on the figtest stem with the --grouper_figtest boolean flag.

There are additional options to run a subset of portals or organization codes. This is specified with the --org_codes or --groups options, which accepts comma-separated inputs. For this to work, the --portal must be set. If --quota is specified, those users are added to the appropriate group. Note that with this option, it will create and populate a figtest:group_active group that allows for indirect membership association. There are a couple of interactive prompts to create the figtest:group_active group or provide an existing one to use/update.

Manual Changes

While the primary use of this software is automated updates through Grouper, there are additional scripts for handling. One of those pertains to overriding default changes (e.g., a user’s quota, involvement with a specific portal). To this end, the user_update script should be used. It has several features:

  1. It can add a number of users to a specific group and also remove them from its previous group assignment(s)

  2. It will update the appropriate CSV files. This ensures that the changes stay when the automated script script_run is executed

  3. It has the ability to move a user to the “main” or “root” portal

  4. It has a number of built-in error handling to identify possible input error. This includes:

    • A username that is not valid

    • A Grouper group that does not exist

    • Prevent any action if the user belongs to the specified group

Execution can be done as follows:

(admin1) $ ./scripts/user_update --config config/figshare.ini \
                       --persistent_path $persist_path \
                       --ldap_password $password --grouper_password $password \
                       --quota 123456 --portal testportal --netid <username> --sync

Here, the script will update the specified <username> to be associated with the 123456 quota and the testportal portal. Much like script_run, execution requires the --sync flag. Otherwise, a list of changes will be provided. Note: <username> can be a list of comma-separated users (e.g., user1,user2,user3) or a .txt file with each username on a new line.


To remove a user from its current assignment and place it on the main portal, use: --portal root. For quota, the root option will remove any quota association (this is equivalent to a zero quota)

The manual CSV files are specified in the config file:

# Manual override files
portal_file = config/portal_manual.csv
quota_file = config/quota_manual.csv

These settings, much like other settings (see python requiam/user_update --help), can be overwritten on the command line:

--portal_file /path/to/portal_manual.csv
--quota_file /path/to/quota_manual.csv

Note that working templates are provided in the config folder for quota and portal.

To disable updating the the manual CSV files, you can include the following flags: --portal_file_noupdate --quota_file_noupdate

By default, changes occur on the figshare stem. Execution can occur on the figtest stem with the --grouper_figtest boolean flag.

API Management of Grouper Groups

The add_grouper_groups currently create and assign privileges to groups through the Grouper API. It uses the ReQUIAM_csv’s CSV file for research themes and sub-portals. In addition, another Quota Google Sheet exists for the quotas. The script will check whether a group exists. If the add flag is provided, it will create the group and assign privileges for GrouperSuperAdmins and GrouperAdmins. If a group already exists, it will skip to the privilege assignments. To execute the script:

(admin1) $ ./scripts/add_grouper_groups --config config/figshare.ini \
                       --persistent_path $persist_path --grouper_password $password --main_themes --sub_portals --quota --add

The main_themes, sub_portals and quota flags will conduct checks and create those sets of groups. Without the add flag, it is a dry run. By default this works on a testing Grouper stem figtest. Set the production flag to implement on the production stem, figshare.